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I didn’t picture my story to be this way at all, at around age six to ten, I usually see myself in a law court, dressed in my lawyer’s apparel and wig. Defending an innocent man, bringing up valid points and evidence to back up my chain. But, alas, how table turns.
Here I am an undergraduate with no parents, of course I had parents; I wasn’t brought down from heaven with chains. We were a lovely family of seven, my mum, my dad and five of us (two boys, three girls). Well, I wouldn’t say we were rich, but we are feeding fine and living very comfortably.
	It was a wonderful day for me; it was my convocation ceremony, a family of six; set out to celebrate with their second son for his completion of his five years law course. I wore my newly bought suit, eagerly awaiting the proud faces of my parents and siblings. The feeling of wanting to shout ‘yeah, I made it’.
	Two hours after the program started, they were yet to arrive, I got bored; switched on my data and my daily apps brought a notification, ‘fatal accident claims the loves of a couple immediately’. I curiously checked on it, it all turned sour when I saw the pictures of my dead parents side by side. I was shocked and my brain went blank for five minutes, rooted in the spot.
	Well, I don’t want to bore you and it is not an incident I would love to play in my head again. My parents died instantly and the baby my mother carried in her hands died few hours after being rushed to the hospital. My other siblings escaped death.
	Like the saying goes ‘hard times will always reveal true family members we had. Everyone deserted and avoided us like plague. One of my aunts agreed to raise the youngest among us, my sister. Our third born (also a girl) was taken by uncle josh, our closest and friendly uncle. I and my elder brother had to find our way ourselves.
	Since I couldn’t continue my education and move to law school I moved to Ibadan ‘the city of brown roofs’, I never imagined I would get to live there. Ibadan was a place I have diced along a lot and I have made jest of people living there most especially Bode. But karma is a bitch and it has its way of getting back to people.
	I settled down immediately all things to Bode, he let me live with him. Living with him was cool; he has a really good look, generous and jovial. The only time we have problem is when we argued about football or anytime we talk about girls. Those are the things we love most, football and girls.
	Actually, since I got to Ibadan, I haven’t gotten closed to any girls yet, well, I don’t have a job yet and that needs to be sorted out first. Meanwhile, Bode have been bringing in girls and I always leave the house, for them. Bode is the real king of sex, Bodman the no 1 hit man!
	I was on my bed one hot afternoon when Bode entered and threw a paper at me
Me: Wetin be this?
Bode: There is a job vacancy at that place, go check it out
Me: Oh cool, alright, I will go first thing tomorrow morning
Bode: See the Arsenal jersey I just bought….
Me: Mtcheew, carry that crap away from here
Bode: Hater oshi, see better jersey for here, not like your own.
Me: Na u sabi
	The next morning, I left for the job enquiry with my credentials. When I got there, I met the boss, Mr. Obadare. He looked strict, fat, big pot belly and had a pair of glass on. ‘So you studied law, Mr. Charles Akindele’. ‘Yes sir’. ‘Wow cool, I love that, my daughter is also a lawyer’. ‘Ohh that’s great sir’.
	Fast forward, I got the job and I started working, everything was cool and was going smooth, I got my first salary after working for a month. The amount was decent and the work wasn’t too stressful. I changed my phone, bought some clothes and everything was going smoothly.
	On one fateful morning, a damsel walked in while in was working, she was gorgeous, she wasn’t too tall, long hair with an angelic smile. I couldn’t help but stare. Facial look aside, this girl is hot, her shape are so evident. The boobs… oh, don’t let me go into that (wink).
“Hello”, she said smiling.
“Please, where is Mr. Obadare’s office”
“By the left”
“Ok, thanks”.
	Ladies and gentlemen, her voice scents shivers down my spine. I said to myself loudly, you just met an angel Charlie boy.
	The next day, the girl resumed work and I decided to make sure both of us get along so well. When it was time for break, I approached her.
“Hi, how are you doing?”
“Cool what about you”
“I’m doing great too and how is work so far”
“Well am enjoying it”
“Nice one, your name”
“Victoria, but you can call me Vic,”
“Ohh, Vic, taken, I’m Charles but you can call me Cha, I said jokingly”
	She burst into laughter and said “well, I know you quite well, I have heard about you, the hardworking Charlie, Mr. Obadare’s lawyer boy”. Yeah, you heard that right, am a hardworking guy and my boss seems to have taken interest in me, he calls me various names, sometimes, my baby lawyer, at times my last born, most of the times he calls me ‘the law’.
	Well, it’s safe to say I and Vic started on a strong and nice note. We got really close and got to know lots about each other. Anytime we are not together, we are always chatting via whatsapp, laughing occasionally. On one particular occasion, Bode asked me ‘this one that you are chatting gist me na.
“Bodman, na dis new girl for my work place o’
“Oshey, what’s up with her na”
“I have developed feelings for her”
“Guy, ask am out fast fast, make you start from there”
“I will, very soon sef”
“Oya, Charlie the boss man”
“You dey craze”.
	‘Oh my God! I exclaimed as I turned on the bed and covered my head with my pillow. ‘Guy, abeg off that song’, I shouted at Bode. He has this habit of playing music on his small Bluetooth speaker and he loves making the volume too high. It’s Saturday morning and I intended on waking really late.
	I checked my phone and saw that it was just 8:15am. I stood up grumpily and I went outside, I saw Bode doing his normal Saturday work outs. I moved over to where he put his speaker and I switched it off in a bid to annoy him too. He stopped his work out and looked at me sternly, ‘Guy stop killing my vibes’.
“Baba today is Saturday, I want to rest, I don work tire this week”
“You like sleep too much, I’m not disturbing you, I just dey play my music jeje”
“Thunder fire you and your music man!”
“Ehn Charles, I am expecting someone today, one girl like that”
“Ohhh… I’m going out, I wan go watch match, we have match today”
“Don’t waste your time, they will beat you guys”
“Come, let’s bet, shebi you no wan get sense ni”
	I went back inside and jumped on the bed, I couldn’t sleep anymore so I brought out my phone and started chatting with the love of my life, VIC. The feelings I have for her has gotten so deep and I needed to get a girlfriend. Vic would fit the bill; she’d be a good girlfriend even if not a perfect girlfriend.
	While we were chatting, she lamented on how it’s going to be a long and boring day for her, she said she has nowhere to go and she will sleep throughout. After we finished chatting, I stood up from the bed, brushed my teeth and made a cup of tea.
	When it was time for the match, I dressed up in my Manchester united jersey and went to the viewing center. The match was really interesting and we won three goals to nil.
Since the day was going smoothly I decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to ask Victoria out, I called her told her to meet me at a particular restaurant. I strolled happily to the restaurant, kicking stones on the way, picturing myself as Ronaldo in my head. When she arrived, she looked gorgeous and radiant as usual. She sat opposite me and let out her heartwarming smile. ‘What’s up Charlie’?
We ordered for drinks and started talking and laughing out loud at intervals, after about forty five minutes, I decided to shoot my shot.
“Vic baby!”
“Yeah, Charlie baby!”
“Actually I have something to tell you”
“Go on…. I hope it’s nothing serious”
“Not at all, just that……..”
“Talk na, I hate suspense”
	I got into my toasting skills, I told her how I felt about her, how I love her, how I do miss her whenever she’s not around me. I told her I would like us to start dating and I would take care of her as my girlfriend. I was already hitting the spot or so I thought because I could see her smiling and blushing all through.
“Hmmm… Charles, are you serious?”
“Of course, I am, I mean it”
“Well, I don’t think it can work”
“How? Why?”
“How are you going to take care of me? We are almost earning the same amount of money”
	She went on to tell me that it can’t be possible, that I don’t have enough money to take care of her, blah blah blah. I just stared at her blankly. The rejection wasn’t really painful but the reason shook me.
	I went home with a darkened mood, look at how the girl just rejected me, because no money. When I got home, Bode noticed my mood and asked what was wrong. I explained to him and the ‘madman’ started laughing and making jest of me. ‘You dey craze’, I said as I entered the kitchen to grab my food, bread and beans, no better consolation.
	The next Monday, at work, we both acted cool, like nothing happened, we continued working as usual and she’s fun to work with.
	One particular Friday, while we were preparing to close from work, Bode called.
“Hello Charlie”
“Ogbeni how far”
“Guy I dey travel go port Harcourt”
“What are you going there for?”
“You remember that my cousin that is in Canada right”
“Yhhh… He died?”
“Fool! He just arrived so am going to visit him”
“Ohh… Alright, no problem then. Safe journey”
‘Oh my God, tomorrow is gonna be hell mehn’, I shouted to make sure Vic heard me. “What’s up Charlie”, she asked me. I explained to her that Bode would be travelling and I will be bored and lonely at home. “Is it okay if I could come visit you?” she asked and I answered with enthusiasm “Oh yes, of course you are welcome”.
I opened my eyes, took a few turns on my bed and checked the time; it was fifteen minutes past ten. Had it been Bodman was at home, he would have woken me up earlier with his boring foreign music. I picked up my phone and texted Vic to come around five p.m., by then I would have finished watching our three p.m. kick-off match.
	At exactly 4:50 p.m. I returned from match center. I freshened up because I was sweating; the match was incredible; we came back from two nil down to win the match by three goals. In fact, I almost lost my voice. I sprayed the room, re-arranged little things and put on our generator.
	I plugged in my phone and laid on my bed, awaiting Vic, I had barely lay down for five minute when I heard a knock, I smiled and went ahead to open the door. ‘Bros abeg I wan charge’, Bosun pleaded. I was annoyed but I collected it and charged anyway.
	Thirty minutes later, Vic arrived. I served her chilled Fanta and we started talking. We spoke at length conversing with questions from education, religion, movies and our work. Lo and behold, we heeded to the tune of nature and we started locking lips.
	We kissed for some minutes, dived into foreplay and in no time our clothes were on the floor. She couldn’t return home that night so she decided to sleep over. We didn’t really sleep though because we were busy all through the night.

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