03 January 2019

Founding of Orbeets Digi-Tech

"Our Tech-Business innovation story began with a simple idea: Bridging the gap between business and technology with an organized web profiling. This ides sparked a passion in us – to create better solutions for business challenges and events. That's how Orbeets Digi-Tech was born."

16 May 2019

Company was growing

Today, so many of the truly smart, talented people — frequently young people — are working in technology. New ideas, new platforms, new approaches are what has always made our ecosystem — and our community — grow. That’s how we have evolved in our business - Tech problem solving skills with young and vibrant team members.

Company was growing
08 November 2019

Won the first award

Showing Our professionalism and flexibility in growth to approach challenges using a more defined problem solving skill we were recognised for this and given an award of excellence.

20 April 2020

popular in media

Being one of the best tech innovative company in Nigeria and fast growing in the African Tech community, we got media buzz in recognition of our good works.

16 August 2020

leading in business

We helped businesses scaled in their online presence, giving their business and customers a sense of online closure, helping them achieve most of their business goals. This approach as indeed gotten us referrals and a trust to always deliver nothing but the best result

leading in business
08 September 2020

Among top Tech companies

Our Business - Tech solutions has conquered a wide business niche, offering top rated services that helps businesses grow. This in-turn has made us the number one choice for businesses in need of a solution to scale digitally.

15 February 2021

Bigger and Better

Orbeets Digi-Tech secured partnership and collaborations with tech industry leading entities to better achieve our aim and objective to help businesses grow via our business - tech problem solving approach.

09 May 2021


With our outreach, we efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline and reach more businesses to help them grow.

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