To sell on with shopping cart and Paypal makes trading and invoicing easy for Merchants and likewise all other traders. Being a Facebook Marketplace, store or a business page owner allows for receiving your payment using Paypal easy.

When you choose to sell on with shopping cart on your business page, you give your customers,

  • Same shop-like experience as they would have using other Marketplace platforms
  • Make their online buying experience feel as same they know
  • Make them know they can trust your services
  • Adding a Paypal button to your product page makes payment easysell on Facebook with Facebook shopping cart


To add the shopping cart app so you can sell on Facebook with Facebook shopping cart is easy when you do the following;

  • Log in your Facebook page
  • At the page “MENU” visit the “App Centre”
  • Type in the App Centre search box the “shopping cart” keyword
  • A large list that shows various “shopping cart app” will appear. All of which contains the Paypal button added to them already
  • Check out any of the “shopping cart” that meets your need and click the “Install page” to continue
  • Click on “Authorise Tab” option to continue
  • Follow the steps above and you now have your Facebook page “shopping cart” successfully installed

After you install the Facebook shopping cart on your Facebook page, you can now add your Paypal account login information following other few simple settings to fully allow the Paypal button in your Facebook shopping cart app to work properly.


Taking the simple steps above will ensure your Facebook page trust and likewise allows your target customers to have the same shop-like experience as they should have anywhere else. Also adding your Paypal details to your Facebook shopping cart app will help your customers make payment for a purchased item easily.