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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Download Movie:- ‘Coming from Insanity’ [NollyWood Movie]

‘Coming from Insanity’ Review – One Step Short of A Classic Crime Thriller

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What do you call a situation where the size of the hype matches the quality of movie? A rarity in the town called Nollywood. Or perhaps a viewer’s dreamland in Nigeria. This is because such balance is scarcely ever achieved in our film space, not to speak of the history of disappointing Nigerian crime dramas. On the occasion of his cinematic feature film debut, Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo tackles this genre with the intention of striking a good balance of rave, film quality, and viewer experience. Does ‘Coming from Insanity’ manage to achieve this? Let’s find out.

The movie centers on the tale of a 12-year old Togolese boy (Kossi) who is trafficked from Togo through the Nigeria borders in the mid-nineties. Kossi, who is played by Gabriel Afolayan, grows up working as a houseboy for an upper-middle class family – the Martins. In his prime, Kossi starts to plot his way to financial freedom, which results in his name being put on the watch list by the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and a resultant pseudo ‘catch me if you can’ situation between him and an investigator named Detective Toye.

The radical story line is the big idea of the film. Stories involving serial internet fraudsters, notorious armed robbers or gangs of kidnappers are not strange in Nigeria but the houseboy turning into a counterfeit money fraudster narrative brings a nice twist with complementary solid action film making. It definitely appears as though Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo set out to avoid traditional methods common in Nollywood in every possible way – the daring concept/subject presentation, the extreme plot twists, and the inferred conclusion to the film are good evidences.

The casting of the movie is another strong point. Gabriel Afolayan’s versatile nature is his special power and it appears to have qualified him for the role, which he played to the point of near excellence (the Faux-Togolese accent being the only letdown.) The likes of Wale and Wole Ojo were convincing in their father and son roles. And it was interesting to see Bolanle Ninolowo in a Dwayne Johnson-esque role that suits his athletic build and artistic skills.

Coming from insanity is creatively imbued with suspense fueling scenes and bouts of intrigue that leads a viewer to root for a criminal. However, where the film succeeds in swelling viewer excitement, the experience doesn’t conclude with the climax it deserves. Coming from Insanity had the potential to leave viewers falling off the edge of their seats from start to finish with its unique intrigue. Nonetheless, it was a good watch and the sign of eccentricity shown by Akinyemi Sebestain Akinropo feels like a sweet promise of future gems on the Nigerian landscape for crime dramas.

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‘Coming from Insanity’ Review – One Step Short of A Classic Crime Thriller

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