In shedding more light, in this article, we review the buying goods on eBay from Nigeria process.
As modern technologies have started rolling out, so in considering such fact that almost every activity done by human ranging from;

• Communication of Information
• Information technology
• Buying and selling activities (e-commerce or trading) etc.

Have evolved spontaneously from what it used to be. The era of trade has in particular gone through a lot of changes. Hence there isn’t a need to stressfully await your desired commodities or having to inconvenient yourself going into some overcrowded markets to purchase them.


Individuals can now trade in the comfort of their homes without having to meet with the buyer or merchant. A case study of online shopping for both goods and services platform. Just like the common Nigerian online shopping platform such as;

  • Jiji Ng
  • OLX Ng.
  • Kaymu
  • Jumia Ng.
  • Konga Ng.
  • Pay-Porte etc.

Has brought concern as to buying goods on eBay and ship to Nigeria. eBay is one of the top USA (United States of America) online shopping platforms that contains thousands of goods.

Which includes services that can be bought at a relatively cheap price at the buyer’s convenience while also resting assured that items you purchased would be delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. Without wasting much time we proceed to steps of buying goods on eBay from Nigeria.


In as much as Nigerians have an interest in buying from eBay, the eBay shopping platform isn’t available to Nigerians without a clause. Due to this reason, many find it uneasy to shop on the platform.

If as an individual who has intention shopping from Nigeria, regions other than the USA or UK, knowing how to buy good on eBay becomes an option, highlighted below is how to get your goods packaged, shipped and delivered to you.

Buying goods on Ebay

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The unique era of online shopping platforms such as buying goods on eBay has helped to improve e-commerce. Buying goods on eBay platform is quite easy depending on the kind of items or service you wish to get purchased following some simple steps such as:

• At first, you have to register to have an account both on eBay and PayPal. The PayPal account is so that you can make payment effective if you don’t want to use your banking details.
• You need a US shipping address where the shopped goods will be delivered to. As Nigerians, providing a United States of America residence address you may want one among a residing subject. Then when your goods are being shipped to the address it can get sent to you via the use of shipping services such as; FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.
• Change your IP to that of the US using a VPN
• To use the eBay online shopping site make sure your VPN is active
• Browse through available goods
• Selection of desired goods.
• Add items selected to cart
• Proceed to make payment of carted items
• Paying for desired items via credit or debit card or the payment on delivery option (If you have a related resident in the US) or making payment via the use of a US PayPal account.
• There are other different online platforms Nigerians can make use of to buy items. Just like, through this online account, Nigerians can get a US shipping address that allows their items to get to shipping service and then to Nigeria within a duration of a maximum of one week.

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Identifying and Buying goods on eBay as an online shopping marketplace is an instance, but while also knowing the easy way to buy goods from the eBay merchandise platform is another instance.

The above-highlighted steps are easy ways of buying goods on eBay from Nigeria. Using the services of a third-party site such as; make buying on eBay come at ease.