The idea of creating a marketplace is to allow people to buy items on shop or store.

The marketplace which houses various shops is a Feature opened to business page and account users in certain regions to;

  • Display items
  • Search items
  • Sell items
  • Buy items
  • Grow business network

buy items on Facebook shop or Facebook store

In this article, we would be looking at how users in the supported Marketplace regions can search, review and place an order to buy items on the shop.

Also, we would see how shop owners respond to such customer order requests. Check the steps below.


To buy items on shops or stores available on the marketplace is an easy process following the steps below.

  • Check out items you wish to buy following our previous article
  • Click the product image to see the product description.
  • If okay with the item, click the “CHECK OUT” button.
  • Most shop owners use the cart app to give their customers shop like experience and allow them to pay for items with ease using PayPal or their credit cards
  • Enter your shipping information at the check-out page if it’s your first time using the Store.
  • Click the “Next” button to enter your valid email address, phone number, and credit card information then place your order.
  • Once your purchase is “complete”, you will receive a confirmation as well as recommendations for other products that are for sale on your page.
  • Buyers will see a purchase confirmation when their purchase is complete.
  • Customers can likewise visit the Purchases (Payments) section at their Facebook account settings to view their orders.
  • Customers can also view their orders in the Payments section of their Facebook account settings.

As a Facebook shop customer, you can do the following after the order of an item:

  • Ask for a purchase refund or return
  • Check the order details
  • Contact Item seller
  • Make an item exchange.

When items are purchased on the Facebook shop, owner of the purchased item is notified to process the order request

This is done so that order can be validated and purchased items can get to the buyer at the expected time


To attend to purchase order on the Facebook shops or stores available on the Facebook marketplace is an easy process following the steps below.

  • When you buy items on Facebook shop or Facebook store
  • The Facebook store item owner gets a purchase notification.
  • To then manage pending and completed orders, the seller uses the Publishing Tools at their Facebook Shop section.
  • They get to view the list of other pending orders when one request has been sorted.
  • To view other purchase details, the seller checks each order to see the shipping address, buyer’s information, etc.
  • The seller can now contact the buyer to ask other needed details of the order if necessary.
  • The Facebook payment Stripe processes buyer to seller payment, and can only be done once an item is Mark as Shipped
  • Also, the seller enters the tracking number of shipped items for verification(if applicable).

Payment through Facebook Stripe is to ensure buyers and sellers aren’t cheated off the item to be bought or sold

Once an order is completed the seller’s item inventory or shop is also updated for the category of the item sold automatically.

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Going through the texts above you now have the idea of how to buy items on Facebook shop or stores available on the Facebook marketplace

Likewise, you also understand how purchase orders or requests are being handled by the Facebook shop sellers.