How to buy and sell with Marketplace has been made easy. Upon the introduction of the Marketplace platform, a lot of business activities has come with much ease.

Before now many individuals use the platform to exploit features such as;

  • Getting updates about activities around them
  • Meet with new and fun people
  • Create groups of people with similar interest
  • Setting reminders and keeping up with events happening around you.

The developers of Buy and sell with Marketplace saw the need for improvement on these wonderful features most especially the groups and thus came up with the following facts based on statistical analysis.

  • News have it that above 450 million individuals from either the same or international communities visit various groups to either buy or sell
  • Using the Marketplace app or online feature has made merchandise activities a whole lot easier
  • The Buy and sell with Marketplace platform has friendly user experience features and the platform usage is free.


Buy and sell with Facebook Marketplace

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  • If you want to explore the Marketplace for items available for sale or you simply have an item in mind to be searched for, these few simple steps should put you through.
  • Click or tap on the Marketplace app or icon on your page or phone
  • hit the search bar icon to input your search preference
  • you can choose to filter your search result by item price, category, etc.
  • Click the search icon and await your search result.

To buy and sell with Facebook Marketplace individuals can also choose to exploit the use of their cellphone GPS to search items around them or other supported Buy and sell with Facebook Marketplace regions.



Following the paragraph above to search from items or products, to buy items on the Facebook Marketplace is easy taking the highlighted steps below

  • Click or tap the displayed item you are interested in
  • Read the product description
  • Also, check out merchants profile to discover seller and item location
  • You can now simply choose to message merchant if you pick interest in the item
  • Likewise, discuss the details of the transaction if eventually making the purchase.


Having checked our article on Facebook Marketplace for Business, to sell items on the Facebook Marketplace is easy taking the highlighted steps below

  • Take sample pictures of item you need to display for sale on the Facebook Marketplace platform
  • Go to your Facebook Marketplace page and click the “Sell” item button
  • add the image of the product or item you took pictures of
  • Add the name and product description of the item you want to sell
  • Confirm item location and product category
  • You can now make the post public.

Taking the steps above, whosoever looking for items or products relating to yours would find it and likewise message you if interested in your item


To buy and sell with Facebook Marketplace becomes a simple task having read through this article and its important to understand that the Facebook Marketplace is only available to specific regions such as;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United State

Using the Facebook app for Android and iOS devices. If you are within the supported region of the Marketplace platform and above 18 we hope you have a good trading experience using the platform.